Twitter Poll Don’ts: What Not to Do in Your Twitter Polls

News 06:06 June 2024:

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Twitter Polls are a new and unique tool for garnering interest and feedback from fans and from followers on a Twitter page. That is why more and more pages are starting to pick up on their utilization. Though, especially in the weeks following the initial launch, many people will be using these polls on their pages, there are already some rules for how best to use these services developing. Among them are what not to do on a Twitter page.

Those that want to use Twitter Polls should not pick a topic to make a poll about that goes incongruently with their overall message as a company. That is to say that a Christian or religious based enterprise will not want to cover a raunchy topic. In the same way, those that have a fun and creative site may not wish to cover a heavy topic like politics. Further, those that use these polls should not make a topic too involved to understand in a few simple words or simple question formatting. That is because there is a short attention span and time limit in capturing an audience on Twitter and this can extend to the poll as well. Make sure that your page does not get too wordy on your poll post.